About Us
Union Semiconductor, Inc. Tel: +1-415-828-9597
Union Semiconductor (HK) Ltd. Tel:(852)22107006
Union Semiconductor (Shanghai) Ltd. Tel:(86)21-51093966

At Union, we invent, design and market high performance linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) to bridge the analog real world and digital world. We believe that imagination and hard work are the ingredients of success and can overcome even the toughest challenges.
Our core values:
Creative Innovation
We are ingenious, creative and bring new ideas to life to expand the possibilities every day for how the world connects, discovers and grows.
Effective Collaboration
Two heads are better than one. We believe in sharing knowledge and stay ahead by working together.
Highest Standards
Never satisfied with the current status, we seek challenges and find a better way.
Upholding Integrity
Integrity is a basis for corporate survival. Externally, we are self-discipline, open and fair for market competition. Internally, we are honest in personal behavior.
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