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Glen Balzer, Adviser of Union Semiconductor, is a management and forensic consultant in marketing and sales. In Asian markets, he creates networks of manufacturers’ representatives and industrial distributors for American suppliers. In America, he develops networks of representatives and distributors for Asian and American suppliers. He promotes conflict resolution between parties involved in representative, distribution, and purchase agreements. For 30 years, he has been involved with creating, upgrading, and managing marketing and sales organizations throughout America, Europe and Asia.

     -  M.B.A., California State University, Sacramento, 1973. 
     -  B.S.E.E., California Polytechnic State University, 1971.

Memberships and Appointments:
     -  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Member, 1971-2002. 
     -  American Management Association, Member since 1978. 
     -  Semiconductor Industry Association, Japan, Director, 1988-1992; Chairman, 1990; Vice Chairman, 1991. 
     -  SIA Telecom Committee, Founding Chairman, 1990-1992. 
     -  International Semiconductor Cooperation Center, Tokyo, Director, 1988-1992. 
     -  American Electronics Association, Tokyo, Executive Committee Director, 1988-1992. 
     -  American Marketing Association, Member since 1993. 
     -  San Antonio Hills, Inc., Board Director since 2002. 
     -  Professional and Technical Consultants Association, Member since 2003. 
     -  Silicon Valley RoundTable Chapter, National Association for Business Economics since 2003. 
     -  Forensic Expert Witness Association, Member since 2003; Secretary and Treasurer, Northern California Chapter, 2004;
        Vice President, San Francisco Chapter, 2005; National Board President, 2005; National Board Director since 2008.
        Secretary and Executive Committee Member, 2010. 
     -  Institute of Management Consultants USA, Professional Member since 2004. 
     -  EverFile Systems, Inc., Member of the Advisory Board since 2006. 
     -  Business Marketing Association, Member since 2006. 
     -  American Bar Association, Associate Member since 2007. 
     -  HT MicroAnalytical., Inc., Member of the Advisory Board, 2007-2009. Board Director since 2009. Compensation Committee
        since 2010. 
     -  IEEE Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley, Member since 2009. 

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