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Application Notes                                           View Related Products
                                                              UM706 UM708 Supply Voltage Supervisor w/Watchdog Input and Manual Reset
  UM3865 Load Switch with Level-Shift
Product Family Table
Part NumberDescriptionStatusNumber of ChannelsVin(Min)(V)Vin(Max)(V)Imax(A)Ron@4.5V(Typ)(mOhm)Iq(Max)(μA)Output Rise Time @ 3.6V(Typ)(μs)Quick Output Discharge TransistorEnable ControlOperating Temperature Range(°C)Pin/PackageEV Kit Available?Datasheet

UM2291DA80mΩ, 1.2A, Low Input Voltage Load SwitchPREVIEW11.55.51.28045AdjustableNoActive High-40 to 856/DFN 2.0×2.0  
UM3865PSingle Channel Load Switch with Level ShiftACTIVE11.8813001AdjustableNoActive High-40 to 856/SOT363Y
UM9711AS890mΩ, 1.5A High-Side Power SwitchesACTIVE12.55.51.590@5V40400@5VNoActive Low-40 to 858/SOPY
UM9711S90mΩ, 1.5A High-Side Power Switches with FlagACTIVE12.55.51.590@5V40400@5VNoActive Low-40 to 855/SOT23 
UM9711S890mΩ, 1.5A High-Side Power Switches with FlagACTIVE12.55.51.590@5V40400@5VNoActive Low-40 to 858/SOPY
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