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End of Life Policy
(Effective Dec 24, 2014)
When it is necessary to obsolete a product, Union Semiconductor will dutifully notify all known customers for such product. Union Semiconductor will coordinate Last-Time Buy (LTB) Purchases with such customers unless such product discontinuance is related to product safety, regulatory or judicial compliance. The steps below outline our Product Discontinuance Policy.
1. A Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN) is issued for each discontinued part and mailed (including electronic transmittal) to known customers. The PDN will detail:
     a. Products affected, and any recommended replacement parts         b. PDN Tracking Number
     c. Last Order Acceptance Date                                                       d. Date of Final Shipments
2. Unless otherwise restricted, the PDN will be issued at least six (6) months in advance, depending on specific discontinuance circumstances, of the final product shipments (“Notice Period”). This should allow adequate time for our customers to plan and act on LTB purchases.
3. Within the Notice Period, customers will be required to submit a purchase order (“PO”) for their final LTB requirements.This PO will set the maximum amount of customer’s LTB requirements.
4. All orders for discontinued product whether such product is standard or custom product are noncancellable and nonreturnable (NCNR) at time of PO placement.
5. Delivery ofthe final orders will occur no later than 18 months after the final PO placement.
6. Union Semiconductor will consider additional orders received after the final order date, if any surplus material is available. Each discontinued product will be sold in a FIFO (first-in, first-out) ordering process.
7.   Questions regarding this policy and its implementation, or questions about any ongoing individual product obsolescence can bedirected to:

To see the complete version, please click the link below:
Product Discontinuance Policy.pdf
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