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Key Specifications
Part Number Description Status VCCA(Min)(V) VCCA(Max)(V) VCCB(Min)(V) VCCB(Max)(V) Max Data Rate(Mbps) No. of Bits Operating Temperature Range(℃) Pin/Package EV Kit Available?
UM2002S8 2-Bit Bidirectional Voltage-Level Translator for Open-Drain and Push-Pull Application ACTIVE 1 3.3 1.8 5 66 2 -40 to 85 8/SOP Y
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Product Description
The UM2002S8 is a bidirectional voltage level translator operational from 1.0V to 3.6V (Vref(A)) and 1.8V to 5.5V (Vref(B)), which allows bidirectional voltage translations between 1.0V and 5V without the need for a direction pin in open-drain or push-pull applications. Bit widths ranging from 1-bit or 2-bit are offered for level translation application with transmission speeds < 33 MHz for an open-drain system with a 50 pF capacitance and a pull-up of 197Ω.
The translators provide excellent ESD protection to lower voltage devices, and at the same time protect less ESD-resistant devices.
- Provides Bidirectional Voltage Translation with No Direction Pin
- Less than 1.5ns Maximum Propagation Delay
- Allows Voltage Level Translation between:
  1). 1.0V Vref(A) and 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V Vref(B)
  2). 1.2V Vref(A) and 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V Vref(B)
  3). 1.8V Vref(A) and 3.3V or 5V Vref(B)
  4). 2.0V Vref(A) and 5V Vref(B)
  5). 3.3V Vref(A) and 5V Vref(B)                        
- Low 3.5Ω ON-State Connection between Input and Output Ports Provides Less Signal Distortion
- 5V Tolerant I/O Ports to Support Mixed-Mode Signal Operation
- High-Impedance An and Bn Pins for EN = LOW
- Lock-up Free Operation
- Flows through Pinout for Ease of Printed-Circuit Board Trace Routing
- ESD Protection Exceeds:
  4kV HBM Per JESD22-A114
  200V MM Per JESD22-A115
  1000V CDM Per JESD22-C101
- Package Offered: SOP8
Typical Application Circuit

- SPI, MICROWIRE and I2C Level Translation
- Low-Voltage ASIC Level Translation
- Smart Card Readers
- Cell-Phone Cradles
- Portable POS Systems
- Portable Communication Devices
- Low-Cost Serial Interfaces
- Cell-Phones
- Telecommunications Equipment
- Consumer Electronics
- Household Appliances
Pin Configurations  

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