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Key Specifications
Part Number Description Status SubFamily VCC(Min)(V) VCC(Max)(V) Configuration Bandwidth(Max)(MHz) ICC(Max)(mA) Ron(Typ)(Ohms) Operating Temperature Range(℃) Pin/Package EV Kit Available?
UM3258 Low-Voltage Dual SPDT Analog Switch ACTIVE High Bandwidth Switch 1.65 5.5 2 × SPDT 300 0.01 4 -40 to 85 12/DFN 3.0×1.0 Y
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Product Description
The UM3258 is dual SPDT analog switch fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology. It achieves very low propagation delay and RDS(ON) resistances while maintaining CMOS low power dissipation. These make it ideal for portable and battery power applications.
The switch conducts signals within power rails equally well in both directions when on, and blocks up to the power supply level when off. Break-before-make is guaranteed.
The select pin has over-voltage protection that allows voltages above VCC, up to 6.5V to be present on the pin without damage or disruption of operation of the part, regardless of the operating voltage.
The UM3258 can maintain low power consumption for rail-to-rail signaling as long as the control signal input is held at a level that is greater than VIH minimum and less than VIL maximum by improving the control circuitry input buffer. so the part can be used in mixed voltage rail environments, especially services the mobile handset applications very well allowing for the direct interface with baseband processor general purpose I/Os, and it is no longer necessary to have the control input equal to VCC to maintain low power consumption
The UM3258 is in a 12-pin, ROHS compliant, DFN12 package. It measures 3.0×1.0mm. The leads are spaced at a pitch of 0.5mm and are finished with lead free Ni-Pd. The small package makes it ideal for use in portable electronics such as cell phones, digital cameras and PDAs.
-Lower ICC when the S Input is within the required VIH and VIL bounds
-Low ON-State Resistance (10Ω)
-Control Inputs Are 5V Tolerant
-Low Charge Injection
-Excellent ON-State Resistance Matching
-Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
-1.65V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation
-ESD Performance: Human Body Model>2KV; Machine Model>200V
-DFN12 Package
-Pb-Free Package
-Sample-and-Hold Circuits
-Battery powered Equipment
-Audio and Video Signal Routing
-Communication Circuits
Pin Configurations  
Function Table
Select Input
B0 Connected to A
B1 Connected to A
Ordering Information
Part Number
Packaging Type
Marking Code
Shipping Qty
DFN12 3.0×1.0
3000pcs/7 Inch
Tape & Reel
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